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Internet marketing can mean all kinds of different types of services you can get with employing a company to do your Internet marketing, you really ought to make sure that you’re doing the proper foundation building. It’s kind of like building a house the first thing they have to do is dig up that foundation of the house so they can put in all the footers and cement and all that to make that home stable, if they didn’t build a powerful base to the house the house would just fall over. That’s basically the same thing with your online exposure. So, if you are a new company, you’re probably better off since you’re reading this article to understand how to build and dominate your local area. If an existing company has been around 28 years you still can go back and try to fill in those holes that you missed while building your foundation online.internet marketing

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So, pretty much no matter what kind of company you are building you should build and control your online foundation.  If you’re selling T-shirts on Shopify even then, you should still build an online identity. So, what I’m going to go over is the basics of what I believe any business that is getting online should do. The first thing you should do when starting your business or even if it’s an existing business is you should own the domain name that is the legal name of your company. If your company ends an LLC Then you should have your legal company name with the LLC in it as well, I’m not saying you have to use that URL because you may already have a URL that you’re using and it may be shorter or simpler to remember. The point is first thing you should do is make sure you own your company then think about owning in any of the other extensions to protect your company’s brand and identity. Once you’ve established what your legal company name is, I strongly believe that you should then set up all your social media accounts under your name. So, for example you would go to Gmail and you would try to get your legal company If you’re that is not available you can always to the end of your username when using Gmail. Once you have the Best available email address @Gmail you then should go and register your company name with all the social media platforms. You should get a company name @outlook company name @yahoo. The point here is start with the simple stuff and make sure you control what your online identity looks like don’t use Bob likes to surf at Gmail unless you’re surfing company then maybe they’ll be OK if that’s the company name. I think I hammered that in pretty good.


So now what you’ve done is you’ve created a base foundation that anything and everything about your company is tied to your company name. The next step would be to start announcing yourself in all the local directories all the local search engines and all the local social media ‘s sites that apply to what your industry is about. The next step in line to protecting your online brand in your industry is to make sure your website has your company name on it with the address and the phone number right on the homepage. Any account that you made that’s going to be public you want to do the same thing. You want to complete all the information they ask making sure that your company name your company address company URL your company phone number are all the same on all account you created online. Sounds pretty basic but most people don’t do it even company around 20 years didn’t do it or haven’t done it. So, I’m telling you do this to secure your internet identity and your brand.

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Now that you establish an account with Google you first need to think about what’s my target market and I’m not going to going to big details about keywords but keywords matter. Make sure your website has every one of those keywords that you like on your website with really good written content so we’re going to assume that’s been done now you go to google and you want to go to and set up a Google my business account and you’re going to list your company with Google to be located on their maps. If you’ve already done this, I still want you to log back into your account and just double check all the fields and look for any empty boxes and if you can fill in information in those fields. The biggest thing you need to look at is what category or categories does Google list your company as. I’ve seen a lot of people put information in a category about their company that’s really not targeted and then the next category is the one that is targeted you need to make the very first category you picked the most relevant to what your business does. You can add another target category’s, but only if they are targeted.  Now, I want you set up or make sure that your Google maps information is 100% accurate. Now you can start putting your company information out online. Start looking for places to get citations and directory listings. Again, making sure all the information you fill out on all those accounts is the same as what your listing on your local Google maps. Facebook for an example has an area where you can do the abo

ut me and in there you want to put everything about your company. Generally speaking, there’s probably going to be anywhere from 300 to 450 can be as high as 850 places online that your company should be listed in these are all accounts that you would control with your company‘s legal information. Doing this makes sure no one else can get an account with your company information. You need to do this to insure you are protecting your brand and your identity online the best you can. One other thing you’ll notice after time is that when someone searches for your company, they will see page after page of search results about your company with all those accounts that you set up this is a good thing. When filling out information on these accounts don’t stuff them full of keywords pick the category type keywords and just use those, again you can look back at your Google maps and see what you put in the google maps categories. Try to stay close as you can to category keywords this will pay off in the end. Next, we want to work on your websites on-site SEO information, it is best to use while wrote content and have all the keywords that your company offers on your website.

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Once you have your foundation pretty strong then you want to look at your website again and see how it’s ranking if you’re falling short of the first page on the keyword you like them maybe you should go look at your website or the page on your website that talks about the keyword and make sure you have it in the title. Make sure your title is written with the keyword or question so the title is relevant to the page and make sure the page itself has the keyword on it and maybe even if you need to link the keyword back to your homepage. Read the content on your website and make sure that its synonyms of your keywords. Think how a potential customer might search. Think of questions that customers might search and then put the question on your site with a great answer to that question. Don’t overuse your keywords just use them in the right places like in your title, heading, alt tag and you could even go as far as naming your image on that page the keyword. If after doing that you still are falling short of First page of Google, you’ll have to look elsewhere to have a website link to you that is targeted to your categories. Just one good backlink could bring you all the way to number one or just move you up. It’s hard to say what just one good back link will do because we’re not talking about a pacific industry. I’m talking in general and some industries you’d have to get one back link a month and do great and some industries you need one great back link a day.

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We don’t want to overlook one of the most important things about your online exposure and that is your reviews. You always want to ask a client for a review especially if they’re happy client. The more reviews you can get listed online the better. Work on places like Google maps and yelp. Any place that fits into your industry get reviews. Reviews are always going to make you look better than the other guys. So, spend time teaching yourself and your employees how to get the client to write a review once service has been provided. Overtime your reviews are going to grow and again you’re going to look Very good to the consumer that is looking for your product or service. Make sure to always get five-star reviews even if it cost you $20. When people see high star reviews, they trust you. If you get a bunch of two-star reviews people are going to question everything and probably not even call you. Pay attention to the reviews because they’re very powerful and will pay you back again and again over time. So, make sure you build a good foundation and you control your business identity and what everybody sees that is one of the biggest first steps your company can do.

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